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For those who like to understand and discover the country they are visiting, we have created a number of exclusive and authentic excursions.


Sightseeing Tour : The Tea, Rum, and Vanilla Route

The Tea, rum and vanilla route is one of the "must-do" excursions of Mauritius.


Excursion: Taste Buddies

‘’To experience Mauritius, you need to taste Mauritius !’’


Sightseeing Tour: Pink Pigeon

The "Pink Pigeon" tour is a trip around the South-East of the island.


Excursion: Moris Otentik

Moris Otentik is a new range of excursions to explore the authentic Mauritius.


Sightseeing Tour: The Cardinal

The "Cardinal" tour is our excursion to discover the North of Mauritius.


Sightseeing Tour: Paille en Queue

The Paille en Queue Tour is our tour around the South-West of Mauritius.

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Smart shopping in Mauritius

This beautiful shopping tour has been carefully put together exclusively for Oazure clients.

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