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It is from our little corner of paradise, at the other end of the world that we conceived and introduced this new section "BLUE". This new section is so important today in our eyes that it has been allocated to the main headlines of the our homepage.

Like many of you, 2020 forced us into confinement for many weeks, and these times of confinement have led us to ask ourselves many questions, in all areas: economic, social, societal and environmental.

Tourism has been our business since 2002, and the following questions arise:

  • What is the future for long-haul trips?
  • What is the justification for such a negative carbon footprint?
  • What does tourism development really bring to Mauritius?
  • Taking care of our customers is part of our business, but do we take care of our resources properly and sustainably?
  • Even if we decide to adopt a "green" approach, can tourism and green go hand in hand?
  • In fact, all these questions bring us back to our basics: what is the mission of our company?

This is what we call BLUE: the "blue approach", the "blue response", the "blue economy", a concept dear to Gunter Pauli. The "blue" here is opposed to a "red" economy based on excessive and inconsequential exploitation, but also complements a "green" economy by enriching it with a more global and circular vision of the issues, and therefore of the answers.

Oazure has always advocated and fought for tourism in Mauritius off the beaten track,  and has made people experience Mauritius differently! But this is not enough anymore. The 2020 sanitary crisis reminded us painfully how necessary it is to go deeper into the "differently". 

This is why we decided to make commitments. Not the kind of commitments that one makes based on a prayer imposed by a storm, but commitments resulting from the conviction that things must change, commitments that we keep because they are rooted in our deepest beliefs and in our hearts.

Tourism is the number one industry in this country, and doing without it is inconceivable, but we can undoubtedly do much better, for all stakeholders in this ecosystem.

As a result, Oazure has started working on setting up the following BLUE projects, since March 2020:

For a responsible carbon footprint:

  • The search for land where we will plant a tree for each tourist who has booked his stay in Mauritius through Oazure.

For a sustainable environmental, social and societal record:

  • The development of a green label to be awarded to the villas in our portfolio. The owners who adhere to it will commit to a certain number of important changes relating to environmental, social and societal behavior.
  • Offering our customers a selection of current alternative products, clean and / or "made in Mauritius /"made in Moris ": green suntan cream, green cleaning products, local wines, list of locally produced products and stores that distribute them.
  • Strengthening the selection and control procedures for our service providers (environmental, social and societal practices).
  • Participating in one or two operations to help the Mauritian authorities in their objective of striving towards "Zero Waste" for the Mauritian people.
  • The commitment to donate 5% of our pre-tax profits to a Mauritian NGO called Caritas, whose main objective is to fight against poverty on the island.

For a different kind of tourism:

  • Commit to promoting even more activities and excursions with typical Mauritian flair, allowing our customers from all over the world to discover Mauritius from the inside. No one should say "I have been to Mauritius" anymore, but instead will be able to say "I have experienced some great moments  in Mauritius", like a Mauritian".

Each time we bring a new project to life, we will add a new new chapter to this section, thus presenting to you the fruit of our work, our BLUE ACTIONS


Guillaume de Bricourt

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Working towards a "Zero Carbon" footprint of your flights

In this first chapter of our new headline "Blue" , we will talk about the inception of our project to decarbonize your flights to Mauritius.


"Made in Moris" by Mauritius

Please find below a comprehensive list of consumer products that are made in Mauritius. These products are either produced in Mauritius (best case) or at least packaged in Mauritius. In both cases, in choosing preferably these products, you would certainly make a "green choice" for our planet.

20200911_094657 (1).jpg

The fight against poverty

We take our commitment to contributing to worthy causes in Mauritius seriously and have decided to donate 5% of our profits after corporate tax to Caritas, a Mauritian NGO whose main objective is to fight against poverty on the island. Our contributions will be allocated to "Lacaz Lespwar", a charitable association under Caritas Mauritius, which has been founded 10 years ago by Christiane Pasnin.


The Oazure "Green Villa" Label

>> to follow soon


"Certification" of our partners and service providers

>> to follow soon


Our authentically Mauritian activities

>> to follow soon

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Towards a "Zero Waste" society

>> to follow soon

Air fares to Mauritius at special rates if booking your dream holiday with Oazure.

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