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Working towards a "Zero Carbon" footprint of your flights

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In this first chapter of our new headline "Blue" , we will talk about the inception of our project to decarbonize your flights to Mauritius.


Ebony Forest, a Mauritian company located in the middle of the forest at Chamarel, is our partner for our project to decarbonize your flights to Mauritius. 

For your information, the CO2 emissions from a widebody Airbus A350 type on a Paris / Mauritius return flight, depending on the aircraft's fill rate, is between 1.2 and 2 tons of CO2 per passenger.

Our idea to try to correct this negative balance is to allow you to work to re-capture this CO2 as quickly as possible.

For this, and thanks to Ebony Forest, we are going to be able to offer you to buy an ebony tree plant that will do the "job" for you ...

Apart from being endemic to Mauritius, a fact that gives added meaning to this project, the Ebony interests us for it’s very powerful capacity to capture CO2. A six meter high Ebony tree captures an average of 1.8 tons of CO2, and it takes between 15 and 20 years for it to do that, something which is tangible to us in human terms.

From now on, Oazure Villa Maurice will offer you, during invoicing, an option to buy an Ebony plant. The cost will be 30 € per tree and therefore per passenger and will include: the plant, the labor to plant it, the labor for its maintenance the first three years, a signboard with your reference number on the tree and a planting certificate.

This identification and personalization will allow you to come and see "your" tree upon your holiday in Mauritius, and all the following holidays if you do us this honour.

In addition to a CO2 "reimbursement" that you offer to the planet, it is the participation in the reinstatement of an entire ecosystem endemic to Mauritius, that you are helping to finance. Indeed, Ebony Forest, by re-introducing the Ebony tree in Mauritius, allows a whole fauna and a whole flora, also endemic, to find its place.

Ebony Forest (, directed by Christine Griffiths (General Manager) and Doctor Nicolas Zuël (General Curator), has for mission the rebirth of this endemic ecosystem. We are happy and proud to be associated with this virtuous mission. 

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