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The fight against poverty

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We take our commitment to contributing to worthy causes in Mauritius seriously and have decided to donate 5% of our profits after corporate tax to Caritas, a Mauritian NGO whose main objective is to fight against poverty on the island. Our contributions will be allocated to "Lacaz Lespwar", a charitable association under Caritas Mauritius, which has been founded 10 years ago by Christiane Pasnin.


Lacaz Lespwar, which is Creole for "House of Hope", has the following missions :

- be a place of learning and autonomy
- offer support services
- be a place of development for children

To assume and ensure its missions, Lacaz Lespwar has developed a number of actions:
- listening service for people in difficulty
- housing assistance
- social support
- medical support
- training of young and old, in particular on literacy subjects
- service of a breakfast to the most needy children before going to school
- school support after classes
- professional guidance support
- creation of a solidarity shop which beyond creating jobs, generates re-invested profits in the association
- creation of an organic vegetable garden (Ecocert certified in 2017) on currently 1 and in the near future 2 "arpents" (8400 m2), which beyond creating jobs, generates re-invested profits in the association
- creation of a nursery to help mothers return to work, to reconcile professional and personal life

Like many Mauritian companies, Oazure Villa Mauritius, wishes to contribute to the development of the actions taken by Lacaz Lespwar, and therefore decided to donate 5% of its profit after corporate tax to this worthy cause.

It is clear that in the current difficult economic times, it will not be a big sum, but this will not lessen our efforts. 

If you are interested to learn more about Lacaz Lespwar, please read this beautiful article in the Express (Mauritian national daily newspaper) of September 13, 2020:

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