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Here are a few tips for a successful holiday in Mauritius!

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The OAZURE VILLA MAURITIUS team would like to welcome you in Mauritius. We hope you had a good trip, and we are looking forward to having a successful start to the 2022/2023 holiday season and to making your stay on our beautiful island an unforgettable experience.

We are wishing you a very pleasant stay in our tropical paradise and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any problems with your holiday accommodation or the activities and services you have booked with us. 


The touristic map of Mauritius divides the island into 4 distinctive regions:

  • the East coast: between Trou d'Eau Douce and Roches Noires, one of the calmest and most authentic areas of the island

  • the North coast: between Trou aux Biches and Grand Gaube. This part of the island is dominated by the buzzing town of Grand Bay, which makes it the most touristic area of Mauritius.

  • the West coast: between Black River and Le Morne, is also called the creole heart of the island

  • the South coast: between Pointe d'Esny and Bel Ombre, is known for its unspoilt nature and a rough, dramatic coastline


On the following pages, you will find our extensive list of services and activities.

  • As explained above, we are currently updating this catalog which has been greatly affected by the disastrous economic consequences of the global health crisis

  • The prices are not shown on this catalogue, because we do not yet have all the information. As soon as we have collated reliable and complete feedback from the providers, we will add them.

  • The service providers we have chosen have gone through a rigorous selection process to guarantee you, beyond their quality, the certainty of their reliability (licenses, operating permits and up-to-date insurance).

  • The rates that we display or the rates that your concierge will announce to you are the public rates of our providers, so you will not pay more by booking through us than by passing directly with them.

- Our policies in case of a cancellation are as follows:

> cancellation between 24 and 72 h before the booking date: we will charge you 50% of the cancelled activity or service. 

> cancellation less than 24h before the booking date: we will charge you 100% of the cancelled activity or service. 


Please find hereafter a list of useful hints and information for a successful, enjoyable and hassle-free stay, divided into the different regions of the island. 

Enjoy the read, and please do not hesitate to contact the hostess who welcomed you at your accommodation, should you have any questions.

The Oazure Team and myself wish you happy and unforgettable holidays!

Guillaume de Bricourt



Police : 112

Fire Brigade: 115

Emergency rooms Clinic Wellkin: 132

Emergency rooms Clinic Darné : 118

Phone directory : 150

Oazure (Office) : 411 53 81


Supermarkets :

- Trou d’Eau Douce and Belle Mare : Super U or Winners in Centre de Flacq

- Poste Lafayette and Roches Noires : Super U in Centre de Flacq or Winners in Rivière du Rempart

- Trou aux Biches, Grand Baie, Péreybère, Cap Malheureux : Super U, Store 2000 in Grand Baie, Intermart in Grand Baie La Croisette, Winners in Péreybère

- Black River: London Way

- Tamarin: Super U in Cap Ouest or Winners in Cascavelle

- Bel Ombre : Winners in Chemin Grenier

- Belle Rivière : Winners in Chemin Grenier

- Pointe d’Esny : GSR Loyeung at Mahébourg, London Way at Mahébourg and King Saver at Beau Vallon.

Fruit and Vegetables :

You will find a variety of food stalls along the roads - they are mostly open every day.

Do not hesitate to try some of the local varieties, such as "chouchous" (christophine), "bringelles (a variety of eggplant), "pomme d'amour" (the local tomato), "patissons" (patty pans) or "giraumons" (pumpkin) and ask your housekeeper to prepare them in the traditional Mauritian way for you ….

Fish and Seafood :

You will see stalls with freshly caught fish along the coastal roads. The fishermen also drive along the coastal roads on their scooters with baskets or buckets filled with their daily catch - but make sure to only buy the freshest fish.

Prices start from 200 to 300 Rupees per kg of fish, and 800 to 1000 Rupees per kg for crayfish.

Local fish like Sacréchien, Capitaine, Daurade, Vieille Rouge, Babonne, Cateau, Gueule Pavée are delicious, and you should certainly give them a try. 

The following fisheries sell fresh or freshly frozen fish :

- West Coast Seafood: Black River: Tel: 483 79 25

- La Bovida : Curepipe : Tel : 674 20 10

- Bella Amigo, Petit Raffray, close to Grand Bay : Tel: 282 14 14

Meat and Delicatessen :

You will find good quality meat from Australia and New Zealand in the supermarkets or specialized butcheries:

- L’Epicerie, Grand Bay : 269 11 23

- The Famous Butcher, Grand Bay: 269 06 02

- La Bovida, Currepipe : 674 20 10

- L’Epicerie, Tamarin : 483 87 35

- O Marché Gourmet, Azuri, Roches Noires : 5910 36 49

Local markets for fresh produce close to your holiday accommodation (we recommend to go in the early morning .... ):

Wednesdays and Sundays in Centre de Flacq

Tuesdays and Fridays in Goodlands 

Thursdays and Sundays in Quatre Bornes

Every day in Port Louis

Mondays in  Mahébourg

Shopping malls :




CASCAVELLE in Flic en Flac



GBS PLAZA in Grand Bay

C/ Restaurants

Haute Cuisine :

Pescatore, Trou aux Biches : 265 63 37

La Goélette, Hôtel Royal Palm, Grand Baie : 209 83 00

Flowers of Paradise, Péreybère, 5 934 53 20

Café des Arts, Trou d’Eau Douce : 480 02 20

Signature, Hotel Anahita, Beau Plan : 402 22 20

L’Explorateur,  Hotel 20° Sud, Pointe aux Canonniers : 263 50 00

Prime, Hotel St Géran, Belle Mare : 401 18 88

Blue Penny, Hotel Belle Mare Plage, Belle Mare : 415 10 83

Le Barachois, Hotel Prince Maurice, Post de Flacq : 402 36 36

Brasserie / Yuzu, Hotel Labourdonnais, Port Louis : 202 40 00

La Clé des Champs, Floréal : 686 34 58

Château Mon Désir, Hotel Maritim, Balaclava : 204 11 11

Family restaurants :

Maison d’Eté (French fusion), Poste Lafayette : 410 50 39

La Spiaggia (Italian), Hotel Belle Mare Plage, Belle Mare : 402 26 90

Beach Rouge (international cuisine), Hotel Lux Belle Mare : 402 20 00

La Case Poisson (seafood); Trou d’Eau Douce : 480 26 982

La Sauterelle (French fusion), Grand Bay : 263 88 36

Eden Beach (beach restaurant), Grand Bay : 263 11 23

Les Kniss (beach restaurant) : 263 52 31

La Plage (beach club), Trou aux Biches : 265 75 91

Le Capitaine (seafood), Grand Bay : 263 68 67

Happy Rajah (Indian), Grand Bay : 263 22 41

Botteghita (Italian), Grand Bay : 263 13 35

Cocoloko (pizzeria), Grand Bay: 263 12 41

Café de la Plage, Grand Bay : 263 70 41

Le Poivrier, Grand Baie : 5702 5956

Le Poivrier (beach Restaurant), Azuri : 5824 20 62

Moustache (French), Black River : 483 77 28

Le Bistrot de la Poste (French), Black River : 484 06 04

The Bay (French), Black River : 483 70 42

Café Twenty-Five (French fusion), Tamarin : 483 78 10

Cosa Nostra (pizzeria), Tamarin : 483 61 69

La Madrague, Tamarin : 483 02 60

Nomad, Rivière Noire : 5858 49 90

Sirandanes, La Preneuse : 483 65 25

L’Alchimiste, Chamarel : 483 79 80

90°, Flic en Flac : 453 90 80

Café de la Presse (viby bistrot), Port Louis 212 85 90

Café du Vieux Conseil (brasserie), Port Louis : 263 45 97

Lambic (brasserie), Port Louis : 212 60 11

Cyclone (viby bistrot), Ebène : 468 16 61

La Potinière (brasserie), Ebène : 467 26 76

House of Canton (Chinese), Ebène : 465 45 88

Le Bistrot (grill), Mahébourg : 5 723 23 33

Le Blue Bambou (pizzeria), Pointe d’Esny : 631 58 01

Authentic Mauritian cuisine :

Karray Mario (Mauritian), Mahebourg : 5 833 04 71 / 6301682

Les Jardins de Beau Vallon (Mauritian gastronomic), Mahébourg : 631 28 50

Falaise Rouge (Mauritian), Vallée de Ferney : 5 729 10 80 / 634 04 40

Les Copains d’Abord (Creole), Mahébourg : 631 97 28

First (Chinese), Port Louis : 212 06 85

Dalon (creole-international fusion), Grand Bay : 570 640 73

Le Domaine (creole), The Vale : 263 52 86

Chez Tino (creole), Trou d’Eau Douce : 480 27 69

Sirokan (creole), La Gaulette : 451 51 15

La Station (creole), Baie du Cap : 659 19 91

La Case Poisson (seafood), Trou d’Eau Douce : 480 26 982

Dragon de Chine (chinese), Mahébourg : 631 06 98

Saveurs de Shin (chinese), Mahébourg : 631 36 68

Taste of Freedom (creole-international fusion), Mahébourg : 587 870 50

Bars and Restaurants with entertainment :

N'Joy, Grand Baie : 260 61 00

Banana Café, Grand Bay : 263 85 40

Beach House, Grand Bay : 263 25 99

Le Bar & Vous, Grand Bay : 5 499 25 30

Sunset Café, Grand Bay : 263 96 02

Cocoloko, Grand Bay: 263 12 41

Land Shark, Péreybère: 264 30 64

Big Willy’s, Tamarin : 483 74 00

BaliKopy, La Mivoie : 483 82 52

Green Island, Trou d’Eau Douce : 480 07 35

D/ Church services (catholic):

Roches Noires : Saturdays at 17h00

Rivière du Rempart : Saturdays at 18h00

Mon Loisir : Sundays at 9h30

Grand Bay : Saturdays at 18h30

Cap Malheureux : Saturdays at 18h00

La Salette : Sundays at 10h00

Trou d’Eau Douce : Tuesdays at 16h30 and Saturdays at 18h00

Rivière Noire : Wednesdays at 11h00, Saturdays at 18h00 and Sundays at 6h30

Tamarin : Fridays at 17h00 and Sundays at 8h00

Mahébourg : Saturdays at 16h30 and Sundays at 9h30

Baie du Cap : Saturdays at 16h00 and Sundays at 9h00

E/ Doctors:

Dr HANSROD (GP) at Belle Mare : 415 12 77

Dr LABAT (GP) at Grand Bay : 263 68 96

Drs de GERSIGNY and RIVALLAND (GPs) at Tamarin : 483  76 62

Dr DUBOURG-PIAT (GP), at Moka : 59 19 32 66

Dr  PAC SOO (GP) at Mahébourg : 631 52 89

Dr VIAL (GP) at Centre de  Flacq :  57 92 34 47

CARE - Medical Centre (GP, Physiotherapy, Massages, Osteopathy, Podiatry) at Labourdonnais/Mapou : 266 9630


We recommend locking your villa or apartment when leaving it, no matter what time of the day.

Do not let hawkers come into the house and be vigilant when purchasing from them.

Do not leave your valuables and personal belongings on the terrace, especially not overnight, even if you are staying inside the house. 

Please note that the use of fireworks is strictly prohibited, either in the garden or on the beach in front of your villa. A lot of Mauritian houses have thatched or wooden roofs.

The telephone at your villa is available free of charge for all your local calls.

Do not hesitate to contact us for anything you might need our office is open from Mondays to Fridays from 9h00 to 17h00. You can leave a message after hours, we check the answering machine on a regular basis, phone number: 411 5381, or phone the hostess who has welcomed you, you will find her number on the business card which you will find inside the folder she gave you upon your arrival. 


G/ what to do in case of a cyclone?

The cyclone season falls between 1st of November to 15th of May, with January and February being the months with the highest risk.

If by any bad luck you should have to experience a cyclone while staying in Mauritius for your holidays, please note that neither the owner of your holiday accommodation nor the agency can be held responsible for any loss or damages caused by a natural catastrophe. 

Cyclonic conditions are often cause for disruptions with water and electricity supply, so please be patient until everything goes back to normal.

The meteorological services have put a warning system into place, which consists of 4 phases:

Cyclone warning class 1:

Stay informed and listen to the frequently issued announcements on the radio and the TV, or online on the website of the Meteorological Services

Make sure all doors and windows work properly

Don't venture out to sea

Check the TELMET meteorological service by dialing "96" from your landline

Cyclone warning class 2:

Stock up on canned foods, gas cylinders and, where applicable, mineral water

Make sure to have functioning torches, new batteries, candles and matches

Stay informed and listen to the frequently issued announcements on the radio and the TV, or online on the website of the Meteorological Services

Check the TELMET meteorological service by dialing "96" from your landline

Cyclone warning class 3 :

Close and secure all openings of your accommodation 

Stay inside

Public transport will cease, cars are not allowed to drive anymore

Air traffic will cease

Check the TELMET meteorological service by dialing "96" from your landline

Cyclone warning class 4 :

The cyclone is hitting the island or is less than 70 km away

Stay calm and protected, do not leave the house under any circumstances 

Stay in the safest part of your accommodation

If the storm seems to have subsided outside, do not venture outside. This is the eye of the storm passing across the island for a short period, the strong winds will pick up again, blowing from the opposite direction. 

Check the TELMET meteorological service by dialing "96" from your landline

After the cyclone :

Wait until all warnings have been lifted before leaving the house. 

Do not touch any broken or torn electrical cables. Be careful around damaged buildings and structures, broken trees and branches falling off.

Do not venture out to sea. 

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