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"Made in Moris" by Mauritius

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Please find below a comprehensive list of consumer products that are made in Mauritius. These products are either produced in Mauritius (best case) or at least packaged in Mauritius. In both cases, in choosing preferably these products, you would certainly make a "green choice" for our planet.


Coffee : La Fournaise, Café de Chamarel

Tea : Corson, Bois Chéri, Kantye

Juice: Sunny, Labourdonnais, Sungold, Nature's juice

Water : Vital, Crystal, Valspring

Beer : Phoenix, Thirsty Fox, Stella Pils, Blue Marlin, Gister, Guinness

Wine : Takamaka (lychee wine)

Rum : Saint Aubin, Labourdonnais, Newgrove, Gold of Mauritius, Chamarel, Green Island

Flour : Moulin de la Concorde, Blédor

Biscuits : Esko, Subana, LKS, Biscuit Manioc

Dairy products : Yoplait, Dairy Vale

Milk : Candia

Confectionery : Labourdonnais, Sunny, Tropic, Mai dodo sugar

Vegetables : Bonduelle (salad), Feel good, Medine, Veg Me

Local fruits : Avocado, pineapple, pomelo, paw paw, mango, guava, passion fuits, lychee

Local fish : Spangled Emperor (capitaine), Tuna, Blacktip Grouper (Vielle Rouge), Marlin, Wrasse (Dame Berry), Red Snapper (Sacré Chien), Shoemaker Spinefoot (Cordonnier) Dorado, Parrotfish (Cateau)

Local meats : Chicken (Chanteclerc, Label 60), Pork (Porfin, Delapeyre, Saveurs de France, Isle de France) and Deer (Country Choice)

Cold meats : Charcuterie Isle de France, Porfin, Saveurs de France, Delapeyre

Canned foods : Tropical, Sunny, Sungold, Régal, Tropical, Rosa, Josiane, Très bon

Eggs : Matine, Oeuf d'or, Nature's gold, Eggcellent

Snacks : Tropic, Royal, Pluie d'orée, Mighty bes , Grammy's, Moolkoo, Emily yan, Baroda, Gold Chips, ...

Spices : Stewart Lazzat, Mayil, Comptoir des épices, Eagle Brand, Rochet, Cérébos, Savouré

Sugar : Kanasucre, Comptoir des épices

Salt : Maurisel, Ecosel

Vinegar : Faucon, Médine

Ice creams and sorbets : La Tropicale, Koko des îles, Kulfi Dream

Sauces : Sunny, Sungold, Primma, Yéo's

Pasta and noodles : Appolo, Haha, Penda, Faucon

Frozen appetizers : Royaume de délices, Dodo, Mari Gajak, Jems foods, Party foods, Marémer, Marina, Mixed Snack, Mama saluya, Tifinne, Tropic

Nappies : Bébé Calin, Bébédou, Little angel

Personal hygiene and care products : Dentamax, Poppy, Kleenex, Talia, Eve, O'smile, Cler, Scottex, Axe, Eva, Lux, Carlton, Malaico, Fluffy, Nin's 

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