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Scuba diving in the Indian Ocean

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The seabeds around Mauritius are a real underwater paradise, inhabited by a great variety of multicoloured species !


Mauritius offers fascinating and exotic sights on land as well as in the water. 

Just a few meters from the coral reef, the rich underwater world surrounding the island comes to life. Scuba divers need to be aware that weather conditions may vary greatly from one region of the island to the other, which makes every diving spot unique. The best time of the year for a successful diving holiday is the period between October and March, when the water temperatures vary between 22° C and 28° C, and the predominantly southerly winds are favourable.

But what place should you choose for scuba diving in Mauritius?

In general, the south of the island is to be avoided for its difficult conditions. Unprotected from the winds and without a coral reef, the south coast is synonymous with rough seas. However, in the south-east, Blue Bay remains THE place to be in Mauritius to discover a marine nature reserve: the "Blue Bay Marine Park".

In contrast, the north of Mauritius remains protected from the prevailing winds. The visibility remains good, and the presence of pelagic fish such as sharks or tuna, is frequent.

Although it is subject to southern winds, and rough, sometimes unpredictable seas, the east remains the richest geographical area in terms of fauna and flora. As wild as it is exceptional, the underwater architecture of the east is full of caves and tunnels of all kinds - the ideal diving spots for the brave in search of adventure.

Finally, it is the west of Mauritius that has the best conditions for scuba diving. Protected from the winds, the Flic en Flac and Île aux Bénitiers sectors are the most attractive for scuba diving in Mauritius. The diverse riches of the underwater fauna and flora offer sumptuous scenery beyond the coral reef, full of wrecks and interesting rock formations.

All you have to do is choose from the best dive centers we have selected, both for the quality of the dives they offer and for their compliance with safety standards and procedures.

RATES: Ask us for more information about the different dives and training courses.

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