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Wine cellar at the villa

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This new and exclusive service at Oazure Mauritius VIlla will save you plenty of time : Instead of spending the whole holiday trying to find a wine you like at the supermarket, we offer you your personal wine cellar.


Save precious holiday time and enjoy good quality wines from the day you arrive - this is the motivation behind this new and exclusive service at Oazure Villa Mauritius : the Wine Cellar at the Villa.

How does it work? It's simple : we have selected a variety of wines (white, rosé, red, sparkling) which we keep in stock at our office. You can order these wines from us, and we will deliver them to your villa. If you have rented a villa with the services of an in-house chef, the chef will bring a selection of wines with him. will deliver to your villa upon your arrival. Similar to the consumption of a "mini bar" in a hotel room, we will charge you at the end of your stay, according to your consumption.

The wines we have chosen are the following : 

White Wines :

  • Long Beach, Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa = 480 Rs/bottle (abt. 13 €)
  • Domaine du Tarriquet Classique = 595 Rs/bottle (abt. 16 €)
  • N & G Fèvre, Chablis = 1,250 Rs/bottle (abt. 33 €)

Rosé Wines :

  • T de Tamary, Côtes de Provence = 730 Rs/bottle (abt. 19 €)
  • Vonderling Rosé = 570 Rs/bottle (abt. 15 €)

Red Wines :

  • Robertson, Pinot Noir, South Africa = 630 Rs/bottle (abt. 17 €)
  • Meerlust Red, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, South Africa = 855 Rs/bottle (abt. 23 €)
  • Le Moulin de Citran, Bordeaux Haut Médoc = 1,250 Rs/bottle (abt. 33 €)

Sparkling Wines :

  • Bottega, Prosecco Vino dei Poeti = 790 Rs/bottle (abt. 21 €)
  • Lacheteau, Crémant de Loire rosé = 755 Rs/bottle (abt. 20 €)



If ever this service is not convenient to you, we have a second option with the website winestore.mu where a larger choice of wines is available.

There is nothing easier than placing your order : connect to The Wine Store.mu, then follow the purchasing instructions. Please make sure to specify "delivery to Oazure" so that we can store the wine for you and deliver it to your villa before your arrival.

Here are the required details for your online order :

Delivery Preferences >> door to door delivery à 125 Rs (abt. 3 €)

Firstname : Oazure
Name : Ltd
N° & Street Name : Royal Road
City : Roches Noires
Mobile : 58 57 28 46
Telephone : 411 53 81
Delivery Instructions : Mondays to Fridays, between 9h00 and 17h00


Delivery costs are as follows : 

        • free of charge if delivery is made on the date of arrival
        • for villas in the North and East = 500 Rs (abt. 13 €) 
        • for villas in the South-East (Pointe d’Esny) = 1 200 Rs (abt. 31 €)
        • for villas in the West (Black River) = 1 500 Rs (abt. 39 €) 
        • for villas in the South (Bel Ombre)  = 1 800 Rs (abt. 47 €)


N.B : Please note the wines and sparkling wines are comparatively pricey in Mauritius due to high taxes. Furthermore and as we only have a small margin of 10% on this service, we will not take back bottles that have been opened. Thank you for understanding.


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