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Massages and beauty treatments at the villa

  • Massage a la villa
  • Massage a la villa

Having a massage or a beauty treatment at your house is an affordable luxury in Mauritius, so take advantage of it and indulge. We provide you with the best therapists, wherever you are on the island. No matter if you like a tonifying massage or you prefer a relaxing treatment, we are sure you will find something to your liking among the range of treatments below. Please note that the treatments need to be booked 48 h in advance, whenever possible.

 RELAXING MASSAGE : 2 000 Rs (abt. 42 €)

This is a calming massage, concentrating on general relaxation of the whole body, either with cream or with oil


SWEDISH MASSAGE : 2 000 Rs (abt. 42 €)

This tonic, typical European treatment, is composed of long movements to massage the outer layers of the muscles. The objective is to relax, balance circulation and tension and relieve muscular pain.



The ancient art of aromatherapy brings physical as well as moral well-being thanks to the therapeutic, beautifying and relaxing effects of essential oils. This massage offers muscular relaxation, harmonization of organic functions (blood circulation, digestion, breathing), and has a deeply relaxing effect.


LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE : 2 000 Rs (abt. 42 €)

A soft massage, slow and rhythmic, that contributes to the regeneration of the body's cells. The aim is to increase lymphatic flow and thus eliminate toxins. It is also beneficial for oedemas, cellulite and the feeling of heavy, swollen legs.


SPORTS MASSAGE : 2 000 Rs (abt. 42 €)

A stimulating massage, aiming to prepare the muscles for exercise, prevent injury, increase flexibility, and reduce the risk of inflammation before and after the sports activity.


THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE : 2 000 Rs (abt. 42 €)

Eliminates and detoxes post-traumatic oedemas, bone fractures, relieves general fatigue, mental restlessness, and alleviates pains.


MASSAGE WITH 4 HANDS : 2 900 Rs (abt. 60 €)

Orchestrated like a real concert, 4 hands do the work simultaneously on your body. All your muscles will relax at the same time, and your mind will wander off thanks to the subtle aroma of ylang-ylang, the perfumed flower of multiple properties, which has been cultivated in Mauritius for the past 200 years.


REFLEXOLOGY : 1 200 Rs (abt. 25 €)

Reflexology, acupressure technique of the sole of the foot is based on the principle of internal meridians used in Chinese medicine for over 5000 years.  This ' reflexogenic ' technique is very popular in China and India, designed to improve the flow of vital energy through working on so called " reflex points " in order to restore the balance organs.

PRENATAL MASSAGE : 2 000 Rs (abt. 42 €)

Prenatal massage has many features of a regular massage: relaxing tight muscles, releasing painful areas, improving circulation and mobility, and just make you feel good. It is specially adapted to the needs of pregnant women and the changes in her body during pregnancy. Therapists specialized in this massage adjust their techniques accordingly.


MASSAGES WITH HOT STONES (90 min): 3 200 Rs (abt. 67 €)

The most popular benefit of hot stone massage is muscle pain relief. Heat is the perfect ally to relieve muscle pain and tension in the body. This is because it allows for increased blood flow in the affected area, which helps in the reduction of muscle spasms. Apart from that, it reduces any inflammation that may occur in the muscles.


PEELING :      

Price : 1 200 Rs (abt. 25 €)


Price : 1 600 Rs (abt. 34 €)


Price : 2 000 Rs (abt. 42 €)


Price : 1 200 Rs (abt. 25 €)




Epilation full leg

Price : 1 200 Rs (abt. 25 €)

Epilation half leg      

Price : 800 Rs (abt. 17 €)

Epilation underarm

Price : 1 300 Rs (abt. 27 €)

Epilation bikini zone

Price : 800 Rs (abt. 17 €)




Priice : 1 200 Rs (abt. 25 €) 



This list of treatments is only an extract of the treatments available. Please contact your hostess for more information on more options.


NB.: Please note that an additional cost of Rs700 (abt. 15 €) will be added to the above prices for the transport of each therapist per session, no matter how many therapists are required.

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