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Babysitter at the villa

  • Baby Sitter a la villa

The service of a babysitter is a must to allow the parents to have a break and to do things as a couple. An activity or an excursion during the day, a dinner with friends or just the two of you, you only have to give us a call and within 2 hours, we will find babysitter you need.

For this service, we have chosen to work with a professional agency, as there is nothing more important than the security and safety of our children. The agency we are working with specializes in the safekeeping of children at your home, and only chooses qualified childminders.


  • the salary of the babysitter: Rs250/hour (abt. 5.20 €) from 6h00 to 18h00 and Rs375/hour (abt. 7.80 €) from 18h00 to 6h00 for 1 child:
    • to be paid directly to the babysitter
    • double rates to be paid on Sundays, public holidays and the 24th and 31st of December
  • the transportation cost of the babysitter: between 50 and 1200 Rs (abt. 1 € and 25 €), depending on the time of the day and the distance (taxi or bus), to be paid directly to the babysitter
  •  The agency fees (for Agence Douce Heure d'Enfance), to be paid to Oazure :

    • 625 Rs (abt. 1 3€) per babysitter per intervention
    • Package for weekends, 24th of December and 31st of December: 1,250 Rs (abt. 26 €)
    • Weekly package (unlimited number of interventions): 3 750 Rs per babysitter (abt. 78 €)
    • 2-weekly package (unlimited number of interventions): 6 250 Rs per babysitter (abt. 130 €) 
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