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Excursion with a 4x4

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Get ready for a breathtaking adventure that will allow you to discover Mauritius in an authentic way, guided by a real Mauritian. Our 4x4 excursion is much more than just a sightseeing tour; it is total immersion in the life, culture and hidden treasures of the island.

Your day starts at 8.30am and lasts until sunset, giving you a complete island experience. Throughout this adventure, you will make around 8 carefully selected stops, allowing you to discover the natural gems of Mauritius, from its pristine beaches to its exotic waterfalls and much more (e.g. Le Pont Naturel and Le Souffleur).

One of the most special aspects of this tour is the local perspective. Your Mauritian guide will share valuable stories and knowledge about the island, allowing you to see the sites from a unique perspective. You will discover corners of the island that only locals know about, for an authentic experience you will never forget.


  • 1 person in the 4x4: Rs 6,000 (abt. 125 €)
  • 2 persons: Rs 4,000 per person (abt. 83 €)
  • 3 persons: Rs 3000 per person (abt. 63 €)
  • 4 persons: Rs 2500 per person (abt. 52 €)

Option for larger Groups:

If your group is larger, you have two options:

  • Opt for a second 4x4 at the same rate per person as above.
  • Follow the 4x4 in your own car, at a special rate of Rs 2,000 per person (abt. 42 €). Fuel for your vehicle is at your own expense.
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