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Excursion : Moris Otentik

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Moris Otentik is a new range of excursions to explore the authentic Mauritius.

This new range of excursions, called Moris Otentik, offer authentic half-day tours, allowing you to experience our history from the inside by participating and contributing to the tasks and activities that make up the daily life of more than one Mauritian:

Zistwar Dité

Experience the daily chores of a tea picker at the Bois Chéri tea plantations. You will receive explanations and you will be given baskets for picking tea leaves. Then, at the Bois Chéri tea factory, the tea leaves will be checked for quality and you will discover the different stages of the tea production. After a morning of discovery, you will then have the opportunity to taste the different teas and herbal teas of Bois Chéri overlooking the tranquil dam at the magnificent Domaine de Bois Chéri.

Ki Pou Kwi

Ki pu Kwi is an initiation to Mauritian cuisine with its many different influences. Foodies will love this excursion, as the trip starts with a visit to the local market, accompanied by the chef, to buy some vegetables. Once back at the Domaine, you will prepare a traditional Mauritian dish with authentic ingredients and traditional cooking equipment. 

The Rum Atelier

This excursion takes you on a tour to a rum factory, followed by a rum tasting. After your visit, you will learn to prepare your own flavoured rum. 



Zistwar Dité : Rs 1,800/ adult (abt. €41), Rs 900/ child (from 5 to 12 years) (abt. €20)

Ki pou Kwi : Rs 1,800/ adult (abt. €41), Rs 900/ child (from 5 to 12 years)  (abt. €20)

Rum Atelier: Rs 3,700 for 2 adults (abt. €84) and Rs 2,300 for 1 adult (abt. €52)



  • 4-seater taxi: Rs 5,600/ person (abt. € 127)
  • 13-seater minibus: Rs 8,000/ person (abt. € 182).




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