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Excursion : Taste Buddies

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‘’To experience Mauritius, you need to taste Mauritius !’’

There is no better way to discover a destination than through its gastronomy.

Taste Buddies offers guided culinary tours of Mauritius, allowing travelers to discover the island's rich history, diverse culture, and authentic places, all through its culinary specialties.

Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures and the island is full of culinary wonders unique to each community. Indian curries, Creole rougailles, Muslim biryanis, Chinese dim sums and French baguettes reflect the diversity and culinary richness of Mauritius.

The culinary tours include: Grand Bay Culinary Tour, Port-Louis Culinary Tour, Mahébourg Village Culinary Tour and Exclusive Chinatown Culinary Tour.

By participating in these tours, you are sure to have an incredible experience as you will be guided to the best restaurants while discovering Mauritius and its people.

So, if you are a big foodie, this tour is for you!



  • Port-Louis Street Food Tour: Rs 2,600/ person
  • Grand Bay Food Tour: Rs 3,300/ person
  • Mahébourg village Food Tour: Rs 2,900/ person
  • Exclusive China Town Food Tour: Rs 3,300/ person
  • Flacq Village Food Tour : Rs 2,700/ person



  • 4-seater taxi: Rs 5,600
  • 13-seater minibus: Rs 8,000



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