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Hiking in Mauritius with "Keep the Pace"

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Mauritius has got much more to offer than just turquoise lagoons and magnificent beaches. Discover the unspoilt nature, hidden pathways and breathtaking landscapes with "Keep the Pace".

Go on an adrenaline filled hike with a professional guide and discover the interior of Mauritius. The guides of "Keep the Pace" know this island like the back of their hands and will show you breathtaking landscapes, hidden waterfalls, summits with panoramic views you will never forget and an incredibly rich flora and fauna - in short, they will make you fall in love with another side of our beautiful island. There are a variety of hikes with various levels of difficulty on offer, and we recommend wearing good hiking shoes and to be in good physical condition for these exciting outings in nature.

If names like "Les 2 Mamelles", "Lion Mountain", the waterfall of Mare aux Joncs or the National Park of Black River get your heart racing, then contact us for more information, and we will find the ideal tour for you!


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