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Hiking at the Morne Brabant ‎

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Between the West and the South coast of the island, the most majestic mountain of Mauritius : the Morne Brabant, refuge for the black slaves of the old times.

This hike through a private domain allows you to discover nature, the game: the Java deer, the westward view to the Ile aux Bénétiers, southward to the Ilot Fournaux, but also the most beautiful lagoons of the island, the Fonds Blancs.

The hike up the mountain of the Morne Brabant is done in 2 separate parts: the first section up to 265 m traverses indigenous and exotic nature, harmoniously side by side. The pathway is relatively steep at times and starts in the West of the mountain at sea level, then turns South and East. The second part of the climb takes us from 500 m to the cross on the summit, first on a steep pathway, then leading across the stone, climbing up the basalt rocks. Several sections have been equipped with ropes so as to facilitate and secure your ascent.

The views are spectacular. A feeling of peace and personal accomplishment fills anybody who has climbed the Morne Brabant.





  • Adult: 2,000 Rs (abt. 42 €)
  • Child under 12 years: 1,300 Rs (abt. 27 €)
  • Possibility to privatize the guide
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