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What is the best way to get around during your stay in Mauritius?

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius enjoys beautiful temperatures and a lagoon at 23 or even 29 degrees in summer. With its two seasons, summer and winter, the climate is ideal for pleasant walks full of adventures and discoveries on land and at sea.

The means of transport are varied and folkloric and are available upon arrival at the airport. You will find international ticket offices for car rental or book with your travel agency or at the hotel where you live. Many stays are spent with a partner or family, which is why the most convenient means of transport remains the rental car, with or without a driver, or a taxi.

However, being driven in a car or in a private minivan allows you to travel without the risk of getting lost, having your nose stuck to a road map and missing the show or constantly worrying because the driving is on the left on the island. The rates are advantageous and the drivers know every corner, whether they are tourist attractions or unique, you will not waste time and no worry between Mr. and Mrs. for the directions. Let yourself be driven in total comfort to enjoy the panoramic view in an air-conditioned vehicle because in summer the thermometer can climb up to 30 degrees.

Nevertheless, those wishing to experience folkloric culture would prefer the bus, which is the traditional means of transport in Mauritius and the cheapest. Mingled with the population also offers the opportunity to take a language trip and get to know Creole. Exciting journeys, of course, but which would only be possible for a two-way trip between Trou aux Biches and Grand-Baie, for example, because a longer journey could be very tiring.

For their part, outdoor and tanning lovers choose to rent a scooter or a bicycle for short rides along the coast with the feeling of freedom as the air. Thanks to the discoveries made with electric bicycles, you will be able to live in complete immersion in the local culture while admiring the island's flora.

After having studied the question, it would be preferable to choose, in advance, the means of transport that best suits your stay, especially if it is short. However, if your stay is longer, why not vary the means of transport?


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