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What are the end-of-year celebrations in Mauritius like?

Monday, November 11, 2019
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Celebrating the end-of-year celebrations in Mauritius is one of the new or renewed experiences for those in the know. The island is in turmoil throughout the month of December and is even more so for Christmas and the New Year. This island, nestled in the Indian Ocean, already boasts the natural seasonal ornaments, namely the Flamboyants in bloom, the emblematic tree of summer, waving a wink at the fireworks. The summer season is the best time of year.  

This long-awaited period coincides with the end of the year in Mauritius. The streets and shopping centres shine in the night, the street vendors are also part of the celebration with their bright and lively toys that highlight the authenticity of this festive period. Families stroll through the streets and shops until late at night in search of gifts that will delight many hearts while admiring the bright decorations of the Caudan Waterfront in the capital.

On the island, a great deal of importance is given to Christmas and New Year's celebrations, where the same atmosphere prevails. Whether Mauritians or foreigners, the end-of-year celebrations are, in most cases, celebrated in the purest family tradition. Those who are abroad come back especially at this time of year for the atmosphere that emerges. Everyone has fun with the feeling of having been these eternal children who make the firecrackers resound at every street corner and marvel at watching the sky light up with fireworks. It may seem unusual, but it is not uncommon to hear backfire at any time of the day or night. 

Tradition also requires that end-of-year holiday meals, whether around lunch or dinner, should be served at grandma's house! Grandmothers are real fairies with powers: the ability to bring the whole family together in a friendly atmosphere and prepare good meals, of which only they know the recipe that brings magic to the holidays. Mauritius is a true cultural melting pot, so every grandmother has her own typical holiday menu, ranging from Creole delights to world cuisine. One thing is for sure: we'll put on a great spread. The emotion is at its highest when, time stands still, eyes fixed on the clocks or listening to the countdown on local radio stations, midnight welcomes the New Year to the sounds of firecrackers followed by hugs between neighbours and guests.

However, in recent years, some have opted for other formulas. Restaurants and hotels compete with each other in strategies to offer the best holiday services for couples, families and friends. Hotel New Year's Eve parties are popular! Who wouldn't be tempted by the enchanting setting of a hotel over a gourmet meal, a place where the sky and the sea become one when you land on the beach in sophisticated and island clothing, feet in the sand and a glass of champagne in your hand to admire the pyrotechnic demonstrations that mingle with the stars at midnight? A wide range of services is available to you: spend the evening on board a private catamaran in the Grand Bay lagoon, in a group in an exceptional villa in the west, glamping with Otentic or staying in a hotel in the south and enjoying the golf courses during the holidays ensuring a total disconnection at the end of the year.

For their part, young people often fall for the night clubs or trendy bars in the West or North of the island for a little more extravagance. When leaving the nightclubs, a must-see experience: a stop at the local dumplings, dholl puri or hotdog stand. 

The atmosphere of the celebrations and celebrations last until January of the following year, characterized by the tempting scent of the barbecues that continues to bring people together on the beach and in the gardens where the bursts of laughter resound.  The Mauritius holiday season is an intense and unique experience!

Emilie Babet

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