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By Seaplane

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A fascinating illusion can be found at the southwestern tip of our island!

Lying peacefully on the beach, you look up. A seaplane comes to land quietly on the sand. A few moments later, comfortably seated next to the pilot with a breathtaking view, you fly over a dazzling landscape of colors. The lagoons flooded with colors seem almost unreal.

This illusion is actually created by the movement of the sands in this part of the island where the currents are very important. The waves scatter the sand in the depths and the shades of color create the illusion of an underwater waterfall. The best way to witness this incredible spectacle is to take a seaplane flight. You'll even be able to open the window to get better pictures!


  • "Experience" flight of 15 min: 149 €
  • "Discovery" flight of 25 min: 205 €
  • "Privilege" flight of 40 min: 299 €
  • "Excellence flight of 80 min: 520 €

NB: Possibility to book "DUO" flights, with two seaplanes flying together. Please contact us for more information.


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