Bubble Lodge

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The Bubble Lodge offers you to discover Mauritius differently, combining a fairy tale setting and harmony with nature, to make your stay unforgettable.


The futuristic and unusual Bubble Lodge offers you a truly unique experience, in the heart of the most beautiful sites of Mauritius.

Combining comfort and respect for the environment, the Bubble Lodge is fully renewable concept.

Open to the outdoors, the Bubble Lodge offers a panoramic view of the sumptuous Mauritian backdrop. The famous Ile aux Cerfs and Bois Cheri will reveal their secrets to you. In the heart of the Mauritian wilderness, this unique experience offers modern, high end comfort, to enjoy being one with nature in a tranquil and restful setting.

This unusual and out of the ordinary  experience is ideal for nature lovers who are looking to go "off the grid" for some time.


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