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Covid 19 : what are we waiting for to live?

Thursday, May 14, 2020
Covid 19 : what are we waiting for to live?

For many of you the lockdown has already eased up or ended, and for others it will not take long. We imagine the joy for everyone to be able to feel free again, at least freer than before.

On our side, the confinement is postponed until May 31st. It is certain that it is difficult, but at the same time it is worth it, because as I already said in my previous email of March 30th, our Mauritian authorities are exemplary in their decisions.

This brings us an to the following assessment of the Covid-19 status in Mauritius (see the attachment) as of  May 14th:

- 332 cases, including 0 active cases

- no new cases since April 26, i.e. 19 days

- 10 deaths

- no new deaths since April 27, i.e. 18 days

That said, it's not easy to make "commercial communications" at the moment, however this email aims to show you how seriously our country has taken this risk of pandemic, and is ready to receive you in all serenity, very soon.

Yes, very soon, because for the moment our borders and our airport are still closed.

Of course such prudent authorities will not decide to reopen our territory without the risk of re-contamination of our zero zone, but the world of tourism is impatiently waiting  for solutions, such as the existence of a test to be done on all arriving tourists, before checking in at the airport.

Once here, in your villa, on your beach, and thanks to the health policy of our country, you will be safe to enjoy your dream vacation in the tropics .....

Furthermore, in the previous email, I told you about our commitments for a responsible carbon footprint, for a sustainable environmental, social and communal footprint, and a different approach to tourism .

Where are we ?

For the moment, we have advanced on two points since the email of March 30th:

- "responsible carbon balance": the first contacts, to be rented or made available a land where we will be able to plant our trees at the rate of one tree per tourist arriving in Mauritius, have been taken.

 - "sustainable environmental, social and communal assessment": a steering committee has been set up with employees, and we are also in contact with one of our professional customers, to start thinking about developing  of a green label to be awarded to our villas by owners who will collaborate .

Of course, there are still a lot of subjects discussed in this email of March 30th to be considered, but these times of confinement and economic crisis do not help matters.

We will keep you informed whenever new items arise.

Until then, take care of yourselves and your loved ones


Guillaume de Bricourt

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