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Oazure is sponsoring a traditional pirogue

Thursday, September 24, 2015
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Oazure has decided to sponsor a traditional fishing pirogue to partake in the different regattas that are organized throughout the year around the island, mainly in Roches Noires, Mahébourg and Grand Gaube. 

The regattas of the fisherman are a real institution in Mauritius. For more than 140 years, Mauritians have held these colourful and festive events on the weekends throughout the year. These events are real sports challenges, requiring sailing technique and local knowledge of the lagoon, and they represent a most welcome occasion for the local fishermen to show their expertise and mingle with the numerous spectators.

 The different teams, whose numbers vary depending on climatic conditions, compete against each other in a number of heats during the course of the day. Only traditional wooden pirogues can participate in these sailing races, thus ensuring that the spirit and the magic of this sport that has been practiced for such a long time on the island, is maintained. The traditional pirogues are 22 feet long (abt. 6m60) and 5.5 feet large (abt. 1m65), a very slim built with very little draught (abt. 30 cm) in order to avoid the very common shallows of the Mauritian lagoons. About 25 pirogues enter the regattas at a time, each with about 10 team members on board.

Oazure is an avid supporter of the Mauritian way of life and in order to participate in these local events, Oazure had a traditional pirogue built and painted in the company colours. We can now offer our clients to discover the sailing events and participate in a regatta while holidaying with us in Mauritius. This is an excellent occasion to experience the friendly atmosphere prevailing at these festive get-togethers.

Follow the development of our project from conception to the first team meeting and the maiden voyage of our pirogue on our Facebook page, where we will also announce the dates and the results of the different regattas. You will also find more information on these events in the category “events” on our website.


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