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Rodrigues makes the cover of " GEO " magazine

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Rodrigues makes the cover of  " GEO " magazine

The famous French magazine " GEO " currently features the island of Rodrigues on its website.

Under the title " Rodrigues , a hidden treasure in the Indian Ocean ", the magazine published the beautiful photos of Nicolas Hienly, graphic designer and photographer, who has been living in Reunion for the past 4 years . From there he went to Rodrigues, a small island north-east of Mauritius.

"Taking Reunion as a base, we have the opportunity to explore the other islands of the Indian Ocean. After visiting Mayotte and Mauritius, we have heard of a small island called Rodrigues . Still rather unknown , this island is a paradise, authentic and quiet, unspoiled by mass tourism. We traveled the island, without any established program, at the pace of local life. Every day offered new discoveries and encounters : the islands of the great lagoon surrounding Rodrigues, wild coves of the East coast the busy aisles of the open market of Port- Mathurin ... We came back delighted with this gem of the Indian Ocean where life is good ", says the magazine.

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