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Friday, April 4, 2014
Dodo soon to be back in Mauritius!

The little sister of Mauritius, also called  the Cinderella of the Mascarene Islands, is located 650 kilometers north of Mauritius in a protected lagoon. 


Rodrigues has a very small , and being of volcanic origin, its landscape consists mainly of mountains. Its natural assets offer locals as well as holiday-makers a variety of adventures and watersports  that will differ from one coast to the other thanks to the climate.

The island  that was named after the Portuguese explorer Diego Rodriguez, has a métis population and offers a very laid-back lifestyle. The legendary hospitality of its people, the beauty of its landscape, its authenticity and the wild coastline, make Rodrigues the perfect exotic destination for a relaxing holiday.

But we cannot talk about Rodrigues without mentioning its regatas ! These sailing competition have been driving the island for years and are a real tradition! These competitions as well as the aspect of sharing are deeply rooted in the culture.

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