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A new Pirogue for Oazure

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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After 4 years of good and loyal services, to look at the image of all our cuts is enough to convince us ....., we change our canoe for a new one, inevitably more more more ...., in order to continue to to radiate the colors of Oazure in the different lagoons of Mauritius where these famous regattas of traditional pirogues are disputed ....

Indeed, in 2014, Oazure decided, following a meeting with Jules France René, a well-known fisherman and skipper from Roches Noires, to embark on this great adventure of traditional pirogue regattas.

These regattas, many, are very popular in Mauritius, and are often the flagship attraction of coastal villages. There is even an official championship grouping a dozen regattas in the year and giving place, throughout the season, to great battles at sea, but also to beautiful jubilant people very passionate about this show.

Bois des Amourettes, Vieux Grand Port, Roches Noires, Grand Gaube, and especially Mahébourg, are the most popular regatta places in Mauritius, and are mainly on the east coast because of the prevailing winds.

The 2019/2020 season will therefore be for the Oazure crew with a new boat built in Bois des Amourettes by Joe, the well known naval architect in Mauritius in the world of pirogues, and in collaboration with our skipper Jules France.

This new canoe will benefit from the experience accumulated by our crew for 4 years, sure that the results will still be at the rendezvous We can not wait to tell you about our new adventures on the water!

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