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Where to stay in Mauritius: the best places.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020
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The American screenwriter Ray Bradhury said that "seeing the world with your own eyes is a thousand times better than any dream". Your booked plane ticket to Mauritius and you have your dream at your fingertips. All you have to do is find out where to stay. The island is full of accommodations that compete with each other, from hotels, apartments and exceptional beachfront villas that can be found all over the island. Sometimes it's better to have a wide choice and why not treat yourself to a short tour of the island in the best places during your stay.


The North

A setting that is the very reflection of the postcards, here we are on the northern coast where the seaside resorts follow one another. The coastal road lined with restaurants and shops on one side and the emblematic turquoise blue bay on the other, which bears its name wonderfully...Grand-Baie. This part of the north gives off a lot of energy and is considered as the place of convergence as in addition to the restaurants and shops located there, it is also from there that the boats leave for beautiful escapades towards other Mauritian coasts. The beaches of Mont Choisy and Trou aux Biches are the longest in the region and are ideal for getting that beautiful rosy tone so much sought after by travellers. One cannot close this chapter without passing through Pereybère and its lagoon from where one can admire the majestic Coin de Mire and a little further on immortalize a beautiful family portrait with the sun setting over the mythical red roofed chapel of Cap Malheureux as a backdrop.

West and South

The west and its most beautiful sunsets without forgetting its mountain, a true historical symbol, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Hiking in the Black River Gorges is a real breath of fresh air that brings you to discover the endemic species. The island lifestyle with a calmer rhythm blends with the region's favourite sports: surfing and kite-surfing. Tamarin Bay, Le Morne with its world-famous One Eye spot. A little further south, the Rivière des Galets benefits from a swell that favours surfing and kite-surfing. 

As we continue southwards, we have the impression that time stands still. The spray settles delicately on our faces as the waves reveal original shapes that nature has shaped along the cliffs at Gris-Gris. 

The East

The east and northeast are adorned with some of the most beautiful golf courses, which even host international competitions. The climate is ideal from September to May, which explains why many private villas are located here. Off the coast, after a few minutes by pirogue, you can see the Ile aux Cerfs, which you cannot help but visit while staying in Mauritius.

After this overview, Mauritius has convinced us that everyone can find the perfect place to stay and enjoy a dream holiday according to his or her desires.

Emilie Babet

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