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Love is in the Air - Wedding and Honeymoon in Mauritius

Tuesday, February 11, 2020
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Mauritius: the must-see destination for exotic weddings and honeymoons in a heavenly setting

 "Love is not about looking at each other, it's about looking together in the same direction."

 What if this beautiful quotation from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, himself a poet and aviator, guided the lovebirds' gaze towards Mauritius!

Rated the best romantic destination in the Indian Ocean in 2018, Mauritius is the must-see destination for exotic weddings and honeymoons because of the idyllic setting it offers to lovers. As one would say, you don't get married every day!  Who doesn't dream one day of taking the plunge with his or her partner in a most original place? Choosing Mauritius as the destination of one of the most beautiful moments of your life, makes this precious day a moment frozen in time. Going abroad gives a whole new dimension to this new adventure that is marriage, whether it is being immersed in the other's gaze in front of a sunset or surrounded by family and friends. 

This small island of 1865 km2 is the perfect setting to say "YES!” This jewel lined with white sandy beaches with even more hidden treasures inland makes it a great place to combine wedding and honeymoon. Even before discovering this corner of paradise, lovebirds can take a break and entrust the organization of the wedding and their honeymoon to the experts on the island. For a few years now, the Oazure team has been sparing many couples a headache, because we know that organizing a wedding can make you see all the colors...especially if all the family members have their say! Getting married in Mauritius therefore saves money since the wedding and the honeymoon can take place under the same roof. There is no lack of seasonal rental products on the island. Imagine for a moment leaving for a must-see destination, in a small group, staying in an exceptional villa to spend the holidays with your loved ones, tying the knot and experiencing the most beautiful honeymoon. Isn't that the dream?

Making the trip altogether is not a problem at all! Oazure Wedding Planner associated with Oazure Villa are the specialists you need for accommodation and wedding planning. The team takes care of everything from the formalities to the honeymoon. You can be sure that they will create for you the most original wedding as you imagined it in your dreams. 

Their services make it possible for everything to take place under the same roof: the ceremony at the seaside, the reception in one of their most beautiful villas like on a pirogue or on a desert island, without forgetting the honeymoon, because it is obvious that the newlyweds need to meet each other after the festivities with their loved ones. Romantic services are offered to them at the Villa Lune de Miel or the Villa Honeymoon, or why not go on an adventure together and enjoy extraordinary getaways in the heart of luxuriant vegetation in a Bubble Lodge, under an Otentic tent, or in the romantic room of the Château de Bel Ombre.

Let the surroundings work their magic, while taking a bike tour, a horse ride or a boat trip …. the love birds will be inseparable during their stay in Mauritius.  

Emilie Babet

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