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What is the best time of the year for a holiday in Mauritius ?

Friday, August 25, 2017
Best time to visit Mauritius

Mauritius, island paradise in the Indian Ocean, invites tourists to discover the fantastic sandy beaches and its multi-cultural, very welcoming population.
Here is a list of facts we have collated with a group of friends, while discussing possible holiday destinations. Even though it seems such a long trip with rather expensive air fares, I have been dreaming of visiting the island for a long time. And then one day, after searching the internet and Google Earth for about 30 minutes, I have had enough and decided that we will spend our next holiday in Mauritius, and that’s it.


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After several years of dreams and research, I wanted to be 100% sure to choose the right time of the year for my holidays, and in November 2014, we were on our way to Mauritius. We have been going back to the island at different times of the year ever since this first trip, which made us fall in love with the little gem in the Indian Ocean.
Please find below my recommendations, depending on your preferences.

Escape to a paradise in the Southern hemisphere

First thing to take into consideration is the fact that Mauritius is located on the other side of the globe, east off the African continent and south of Reunion island, and the seasons are inversed from those in Europe.

As far as the temperatures are concerned, Mauritius can easily compete with our continental summers ... Thanks to its tropical climate, the temperatures oscillate between 22 and 31 ° C throughout year. For those who enjoy a bath in the turquoise and translucent waters, they will be spoiled with water temperatures between 23 ° and 28 ° C all year round, a real treat!
During the Mauritian winter, between May and September, it is the dry season, with about 25 ° C average daytime temperature, warm enough to enjoy the sea and the sun even in winter. If you do not like the big heat or have small children, the winter months are ideal for your holiday.


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The southern summer is much warmer and moist. During summer, between November and April the temperatures vary between 27 and 34 ° C. Do you get depressed during winter in Europe? It might be a good idea to visit the island for a Christmas holiday in the sun, far from greyness and your usual routine.

What about the rain? It rains all year round in Mauritius, and a little less during the winter. But not to worry, you will come to appreciate the frequent showers, as the rain refreshes the atmosphere, and as soon as you will have run for cover, it will already be over. On the other hand, who says tropical climate says cyclone season: from January to March, tropical cyclones may occur and they bring heavy precipitations.

Seasons adapted to the different activities on offer on the island

Finally, I would not say that we preferred one season more than another, since each time we organized our activities according to the season.  Now that I am thinking about it,  I actually have to admit that last year we went to Mauritius in November. Our son is a big fan of kite-surfing and we were recommended to go there between May and November, to enjoy the best conditions. What a surprise we had with my husband: the beautiful flamboyant trees were in bloom, the lychees perfectly ripe and the weather was absolutely stunning! We had rented a villa on the beachfront with Oazure (which I will talk about a little bit later). Unbelievable luck for our son: the kite spot was right in front of the house ...

In the first year, we were thirsty for adventure and wanted to travel the whole island, looking for a change of scenery: mountains, beaches, waterfalls, plains ... for all these activities  the winter period was the perfect time to go, it wasn’t too hot during our walks and the scenery was very green. Mauritius is really rich in different landscapes, a real treat for fans of photography and hiking.
In 2015 we needed a rest and chose a villa on the water’s edge which we rented through the agency Oazure Villa Mauritius and which I really recommend. The agency has villas all over the island and offers activities and services à la carte. They were very attentive during the whole stay, giving us great advice and booking tailor-made activities for us. As a little bonus, we had rented the services of an in-house chef for the preparation of all the meals: a holiday for Mom and an in-house restaurant for the whole family!

best time to visit mauritius

This time, instead of going on our traditional skiing holiday, we chose to go during the month of February for some sun tanning, beach relaxation and snorkelling. It was very hot and very beautiful: the opportunity for the whole family to try out water sports: Stand -Up Paddle, sailing, kite-surfing, kayaking ... It was great!

Finally, if I were to advise you on a particular corner of the island, I think I would tell you to choose the western and northern coasts for their warmth and because it rains less. On the other hand, I would recommend you to go on the east and south coasts for the wind during the months with the biggest heat and if you are interested in kite-surfing. Inland, the temperatures are lower as the area is more elevated and it's raining more, but the landscapes are fantastic... And you, what is your favourite time for a holiday in Mauritius? Share your travel comments with me, and I will make us of your experiences for our next trip!

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