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River trekking at Chazal

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The waters of the Galets river have irrigated the 100s of hectares of sugar cane fields in the South of Mauritius for years.

Come and cool down in the fresh water, speed down the natural slides, jump from the top of the rocks, get a natural massage under the waterfalls, swim in the canyon or jump from rock to rock. This aquatic excursion will allow you to discover the authentic tropical vegetation (raffia palms, bamboo palm, various vines, tree ferns ...).

To replenish your energies, you will be able to rest at the guest house of Chazal and enjoy the traditional Mauritian chicken curry with home grown vegetables.



  • 1 500 Rs (abt. 39 €)/person excl. lunch,
  • 2 000 Rs (abt. 53 €)/person incl. typical Mauritian lunch
  • Minimum age : 14 years
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